(B) The Spice litter

*28/3 2020

7 males

4 females

all brown

mother: SE CH Spotdog's half half

father: multi ch, c.i.b ww14 nord vw19 grACILIS MASTERPIECE

All About Spot's Spice Me up "Timo"

BAER: +/+

HD: B ED: 0

owner: Mikaela & Johannes Jakobsson

All About Spot's Wasabi " Bailey"


HD: A2

owner: Simone Held, Germany

All About Spot's Master Spice "Bentley"


HD: A/B ED: 1/2

owner: Päivi Lindén, Finland

All About Spot's Brown Sugar " Hudson"


owner: John & Gisela Fahlnaes

All About Spot's Sea Salt " Max"


owner: Isabella Larsen

All About Spot's Cinnamon Sugar " Pepsi"


owner: Johanna Donner

All About Spot's Salted Licorie " Mason"

BAER: +/+

HD: A/B ED: 0

owner: Elin Sandqvist & Nils

All About Spot's Rosemary "Lia"


HD: A ED: 0

owner: Johan Ek

All About Spot's Spicy Lemon " Lycka"

BAER: +/+

HD: A ED: 0

owner: Annette Wallsten

All About Spot's Red Hot Chilli Pepper"Vakt"


owner: Amanda Wassén

All About Spot's Chilli chayenne "Millie"


HD: A ED: 0

owner:Amanda Sjöland lives with Anna & Göran Nilsson on show and breeding contract